• Payments

    Please note the following important information regarding Payments and Deposits:

    Payment Types
    –  Cash.
    –  Bank Wire Transfer.       (funds received upon confirmation from our bank)
    –  Swift Account Transfer. (funds received upon confirmation from our bank)
    –  Cashiers Checks.            (must clear before title is released)
    –  A deposit allows you time to pay the balance on your vehicle.
    –  Acceptable payment types for deposits are CASH or CREDIT CARD.
    –  A $100 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit holds the vehicle you have decided to purchase for 24 hours.
    –  During the 24 hours no-one else will be able to buy the vehicle (even for more Cash).
    –  The $100 deposit is deducted from the balance due on the vehicle you are purchasing.
    Title Processing
    –  Cashiers Check or Personal Check, the title will be held for 14 business days.
    –  Cash and/or Wire Transfer, vehicle titles will be available within 24 hours, M-F.
    –  Titles to Indiana State customers are sent via regular mail service.
    –  Titles to out of state customers are sent via UPS ground.
    A typical out of state transaction will go something like this:
    1.  You find the vehicle you want on our website
    2.  Contact us with your credit card number, to activate a 24 hour hold
    3.  Discuss shipping options and prices if you need us to assist with getting the vehicle to you
    4.  We send you a Bill of Sale and Bank Wire Information via fax or email, that you take to your bank
    5.  Our bank calls us to confirm receipt of the funds
    6.  We initiate shipping with trucking company (if needed per #3 above)
    7.  We USPS the title to you
    8.  You receive your vehicle, rebuild it and enjoy it/sell it
    9.  Do it again starting at #1
    Our Business Policy does not allow us to:
    –  Accept Out of State Checks.
    –  Accept Payments of more than $100.00 on a credit card.
    –  Hold vehicles for an indefinite period of time.

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